Jack O. Daniel

Once in a rare while, a prodigious talent appears on the literary landscape. Jack O. Daniel is one such talent. His debut novel, ‘One Night Stand’ was a delight to read.  His follow up e-book, ‘Promise Me’proved that he’s here to stay.

I highly recommend his stories to those who are seeking to be entertained. More so, to those who are jaded – his books tend to uplift readers in so many levels.


Destroying gender: E.L. James and “Grey”

Interesting opinions on E.L. James and her “Fifty Shades” series, from writer/editor David Brookes. I’d love to hear any comments – how does erotica compare to clean romance like “Return to Cameron Country”…?

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_83351580_greyIn my earlier post about originality, I wrote that E.L. James, the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its sequels, has managed to create a whole sub-genre of erotica called ‘billionaire romance’. E-book stores are being filled to bursting point by amateur writers seeking to replicate these popular story and themes.

I pointed out how utterly depressing it is to learn of how so many women fantasize about being subjugated by a violent male whilst being ‘looked after’ and showered with lavish gifts.We know that “Fifty Shades” sold 20 million copies, and James’ latest companion novel, “Grey”, is set to do the same.

Despite being fundamentally sexist and patronising, many readers seem to fail to notice that the genre is also incredibly damaging to the progress that society has made in providing equality for women, and in eradicating prehistoric gender expectations. This affects both women and men, and…

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2015: A Significant Year

In February, my first book ‘Courting Pippa’ was released through Amazon and Kindle.  And, March saw the publication of my second book called ‘Lifesaver in a Bikini’.

Boy was I thrilled to see them for sale online!  I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I know.

Getting them out there seemed to be easy but the reality was the exact opposite. The process of writing the books was the easiest part of the process.  The hardest was the “other” creative aspects such as designing the cover, writing the blurb and laying out the pages of the book.

It was steep learning curve but I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world, although the process drove me up the wall.

If you’re a budding writer, like me, I suggest you roll up your sleeves and batten down.  And enjoy it while you’re at it.